Leadership Competencies Development Program (LCDP)


LCDP 11 Recruitment Update:

Below is a summary of recruitment and training timing for the next cohort, LCDP 11. Selected participants MUST attend all five weeks of in-person training at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, VA:

The following six competencies critical to success in leadership positions within NOAA are assessed in the recruitment phase and are emphasized as areas of development throughout the program:

  1. Leads People
  2. Continuous Learner
  3. Business Proficiency
  4. Problem Solver
  5. Strategic Thinker
  6. Communicator

Refer to the "LCDP X Call for Applications, pages 5-6: at: http://lcdp.noaa.gov/docs/LCDP_X_Call_for_Applications_2016.pdf for descriptions of each of these competencies.

Interested applicants are encouraged to use the time before recruitment begins to reflect on any gaps they may have in the competency areas above. Consider what you could do to advance your skills in that area before application season begins. This may help make you more competitive in the recruitment process.

Consider supplemental training, reading books on the topic(s,) or participating in a NOAA Rotational Assignment Program (NRAP) assignment (opportunity to apply will be mid-April through mid-May, 2018.) You may also want to shadow a few of the current or past cohort members and ask them if they would be willing to review your written application before you submit it and help to prepare you for the interview process. The current class list as well as alumni lists are also on this LCDP website.

Please note that our program goals have been updated since the last recruitment cycle, and appear below:

LCDP program goals:

LCDP 10 Graduation Nears!

Class 10 will graduate on Friday, April 27, 2018 with a ceremony in the NOAA Auditorium, followed by a reception in the NOAA Science Center. Doors will open at 1:00pm, the ceremony is 2:00pm-3:30pm, and the reception is 3:30pm-5:00pm.

LCDP X began on October 23, 2016 and will end on April 27, 2018. The 31 individuals below have demonstrated a high potential for assuming greater leadership responsibilities in NOAA. Let's congratulate them on the significant achievement of their graduation!


LCDP Class 10 Group Picture


  Name Line/
Staff Office
1 Erika Brown USAO Washington, D.C. Advisor, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary
2 Aria Remondi USAO Washington, DC Advisor, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary
3 Demian Schane OGC Juneau, AK Attorney‐Advisor, Office of General Counsel
4 Natalia Donoho NESDIS College Park, MD User Services Coordinator, Satellite Products and Services Division
5 Hernan Garcia NESDIS Silver Spring, MD Oceanographer, Oceanographic Science and Development Branch
6 Christopher O'Connors NESDIS Silver Spring, MD Deputy Division Chief, SPSD
7 Forbes Darby NMFS Silver Spring, MD Communication Specialist, Office of Communications
8 Paula Fratantoni NMFS Woods Hole, MA Research Oceanographer, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
9 Jessica Kondel NMFS Silver Spring, MD Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Policy
10 Cece Linder NMFS Silver Spring, MD Marine Habitat Resource Specialist, Office of Habitat Conservation
11 Elaine Saiz NMFS Silver Spring, MD Financial Assistance Specialist, Office of Management and Budget
12 Sunny Snider NMFS Miami, FL Chief of Staff, Southeast Fisheries Science Center
13 Terence Lynch NOS Silver Spring, MD Management and Program Analyst, Office of Coast Survey
14 Catherine Marzin NOS Silver Spring, MD Climate Team Lead, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
15 Jessica Snowden NOS Silver Spring, MD Physical Scientist, Integrated Ocean Observing Systems Program
16 Jessica White NOS Mobile, AL Deputy Director, Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center
17 Kim Valentine (formerly Jenkins) NOS Charleston, SC Geospatial Data Manager,
National Ocean Service
18 Ian Zelo NOS Seattle, WA Regional Resource Coordinator,  Assessment and Restoration Division
19 Andrew (Andy) Bailey NWS Pleasant Hill, MO Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Kansas City Weather Forecast Office
20 Kevin Fryar NWS Aurora, IL Meteorologist in Charge, Aurora Center Weather Support Unit
21 Christopher Landsea NWS Miami, FL Science and Operations Officer, National Hurricane Center
22 Jennifer Stark NWS Pueblo, CO Meteorologist in Charge, Pueblo Weather Forecast Office
23 Timi Vann NWS Seattle, WA Regional Coordinator, Western Region
24 Nikola Garber OAR Silver Spring, MD Deputy Director, National Sea Grant College Program
25 Jasmin John OAR Princeton, NJ Research Physical Scientist, Geophysical Fluid Dynamic Laboratory
26 Erica Rule OAR Miami, FL Communications Specialist, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
27 CDR Daniel Simon OAR Silver Spring, MD Research Platform Resource Manager, Office of Policy Planning and Evaluation
28 Marian Westley OAR Washington, DC Senior Advisor, Laboratories and Cooperative Institutes
29 LCDR Amanda Goeller OMAO Honolulu, HI, to be Norfolk, VA Current: Executive Officer, NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai; to be Staff, Fleet Standardization Office (Sep 2016)
30 LCDR Christopher  Kerns OMAO MacDill AFB, FL Pilot, Orion WP‐3D
31 Ian Sears OMAO MacDill AFB, FL Flight Director/Meteorologist


Want to Learn More About the LCDP?

Read the LCDP X Call for Applications to learn more about the program, eligibility information, and instructions for applying. To view a copy of the slideshow from the LCDP Informational Webinars that were held on 2/04/16 and 2/09/16, visit the LCDP X Recruitment Informational Presentation.

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For questions concerning participant funding for the program, contact your Line/Staff Office LCDP Coordinator.

For all other questions, contact Tracy Levstik, LCDP Program Manager, at: Tracy.Levstik@noaa.gov or (303) 497-4231.