Leadership Competencies Development Program (LCDP)

Congratulations to LCDP Class IX!

LCDP Class IX began their program on July 13, 2014 and the program will conclude on January 29, 2016. The LCDP is an 18 - month NOAA leadership development program. The program will provide this cadre of employees with a series of cross-line, multidisciplinary training and learning experiences that will broaden participants’ understanding of NOAA’s strategic vision, mission, and goals, as well as our business processes. The LCDP, a key component of NOAA’s Strategic Human Capital Management Plan, is our premier succession planning initiative. Participants are listed below in alphabetical order by Line Office.

Recruitment for the next LCDP cohort, Class X, is expected to begin in June, 2016. See the timeline below for more information:

* Note: dates are estimates and are subject to change.


LCDP Class IX, A Rising Tide

LCDP Class Nine

  Name Line/Staff
Duty Station Job Title
1 David Diamond DUS/O Washington, D.C. Management Analyst (Advisor to the Deputy Under Secretary for Operations)
2 Troy Wilds UNSEC Washington, D.C Executive Director, Office of the Under Secretary
3 Martin Yapur NESDIS Silver Spring, MD Director, Technology, Planning and Integration for Observations (TPIO)
4 Felipe Arzayus NMFS Silver Spring, MD Lead, Science Planning Coordinator; NMFS Ecosystem Science Team
5 Keith Chanon NMFS Silver Spring, MD International Science Coordinator
6 Sean Hayes NMFS Santa Cruz, CA Supervisory Fisheries Research Biologist
7 Matthew McPherson NMFS Miami, FL Director, Social Sciences Research Group, SEFSC
8 Brianne Szczepanek NMFS Silver Spring, MD Legislative Affairs Specialist/Roll Out Coordinator
9 Ryan Wulff NMFS Sacramento, CA Acting Delta Policy and Restoration Branch Chief
10 Brendan Bray NOS Silver Spring, MD Chief of Staff, Office of Response and Restoration
11 Kathleen Jamison NOS Silver Spring, MD Program Analyst, Office of Coast Survey
12 Jeffrey King NOS Charleston, SC Acting Director, Hollings Marine Laboratory
13 Liz Kretovic NOS Silver Spring, MD Executive Officer, Emergency Response Division
14 Michael Murray NOS Santa Barbara, CA Deputy Superintendent, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
15 Frank Parker NOS Silver Spring, MD Associate Director, NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program
16 DaNa Carlis NWS College Park, MD Meteorologist
17 Genene Fisher NWS College Park, MD Executive Officer, National Centers for Environmental PredictionSenior
18 Marc Saccucci NWS Silver Spring, MD Meteorologist
19 Marina Timofeyeva NWS Silver Spring, MD Physical Scientist
20 Jennifer Day OAR Ann Arbor, MI Great Lakes Regional Coordinator
21 Sami Grimes OAR Silver Spring, MD Acting Deputy Director, National Sea Grant College Program
22 Amanda McCarty OAR Silver Spring, MD Management and Program Analyst – (International Program Manager)
23 Justyna Nicinska OAR Silver Spring, MD Management and Program Analyst (WISDOM Program Manager)
24 Craig Russell OAR Seattle, WA Program Manager, Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
25 Commander Devin Brakob OMAO Silver Spring, MD Aviation Specialist
26 Lieutenant Commander Chad Cary OMAO Woods Hole, MA Executive Assistant to the Director, NEFSC
27 Jeff Weir OMAO Silver Spring, MD Senior Budget Analyst


*Note: LCDP Class IX originally had 28 participants. Timothy Howard, Lead IT Specialist (Security) with NESDIS in Silver Spring, MD left NOAA for another job opportunity on March 6, 2015. In addition, Frank Parker began the program with PPI and accepted a position with NOS during the program; and Troy Wilds began the program with NESDIS and accepted a position with UNSEC during the program.


For questions concerning participant funding for the program, contact your Line/Staff Office LCDP Coordinator.

For all other questions, contact Tracy Levstik, the LCDP Program Manager, at: Tracy.Levstik@noaa.gov or 303-497-4231.